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Public Speaker

Public Speaking Package

Do you feel nervous speaking in front of people or in a one-on-one setting?

Are you worried about a presentation or speech that you need to advance your career?

This service will provide you with a solid foundation to speak in public as a professional woman. Prices start $980

Click the link below to discuss your goals and what options will work best for you.

Package Benefits

What is included

Where you will be at the end of your package

You will feel confident  speaking with others and feel empowered to take on more challenging projects that will accelerate your career growth.


I have contributed to the following publications and news outlets

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What people say about working with Dr. Jacinta

Dr. Jacinta is great to work with. I'm a late-career starter who needed help presenting my story and understanding the manager's side. I went in feeling somewhat hopeless and left having found the building blocks I had.


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