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The Confidence Game Plan

Group Coaching Program

Become a more confident and empowered executive woman in your field

 within 6 months with my proven system.

This program will show you...

How to use your day to day interactions as advanced training to enhance your self-esteem, speak with authority, make courageous decisions and remain composed in professional  and personal situations.

There is more...

You will learn the SECRET executive skills that are rarely talked about or even taught that will help you to stand out and make a lasting impression on others while enhancing your self confidence.

This program is for you if...

You are a female executive or manager that is transitioning into a new role where you need to display consistent confidence and become a respected authority in your field.

You may have always struggled with confidence or simply need to give your confidence, speaking skills and executive presence a boost to always be ready for new opportunities!

This program isn't for you if...

You are happy living the status quo and are not ready to take your personal and professional growth seriously!

How would you life change if you were more confident? 

Here is your game plan...

The Confidence Game Plan Infographic

Program Benefits

Seasoned skillset to prepare you for the upcoming challenges that you will face. 

Unshakeable confidence that will empower you to take fearless action in your life.

Self-respect so you will appreciate yourself and not let others intimidate or disrespect you.

Public speaking skills that will help you to feel more comfortable communicating

with  a group or in a 1:1 setting.

Unforgettable executive presence that will inspire others and make your legacy memorable.

Inside The Program

Website Module 1 Confidence Game Plan 1
Website Module 2 Confidence Game plan 2
Website Module 3 Confidence Game Plan 3


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Excellent listener and great at giving recognition. She asks the right questions to help you discover the right plan of action.

-Danyiel L .

Meet Your Executive Coach

Dr. Jacinta Lamontagne

Dr. Jacinta Lamontagne headshot


My name is Dr. Jacinta Lamontagne, your Executive Coach and Confidence Extraordinaire!

As a first generation college graduate, I did not have any women in my life that could show me how to become a confident woman, speak with authority or present myself as an executive.  I decided to commit myself to becoming an exceptional woman, wife to an amazing husband and mother to my awesome children to help as many women as I can. I researched countless time management techniques, joined public speaking groups, learned how to stay composed during difficult conversations and develop a high level of self-respect that allows me to be confident ALL of the time even if I do not have the answers.

Once I developed these skillsets, unique opportunities started come my way that have helped me to stand out in a crowd.


I have been placed in various situations and scenarios over the years that included being featured on WEAR ABC 3 News, having publicized interviews with news publications such as the Tampa Bay Times, Florida Politics, Howard University Magazine, Florida Dental Association's (FDA) Chew On This Segment, becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster with Toastmasters International, being selected as one of two students in the United States to serve as a Washington National Health Policy Extern with the American Dental Association  to work with Congressional Leaders and provided Florida State Congressional Testimony.


I have helped  my clients achieve new levels of confidence, transition to amazing roles and I believe that you can stand out and be ready for new opportunities also!


I founded Excite Excellence, Inc. to share my over two decades of executive experience to develop the next generation of  women become confident with an unforgettable executive presence.

Let's work together!

Image of magazine article regarding the American Dental Association
Cover of 3 people on Howard University magazine
Dr. Jacinta Lamontagne on ABC 3 news
Dr. Jacinta Lamontagne and 3 others standing together
Woman making speech at Howard University commencement
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Excite Excellence is great to work with. I'm a late-career starter who needed help presenting my story and understanding the manager's side. I went in feeling somewhat hopeless and left having found the building blocks I had.

-Karen R.

What's Included In The Program

Icons for a 5 step game plan

WEEKLY CHECK INS to keep you accountable to your goals so you can accomplish them in a timely manner. Valued at $1400

3, 1-hr GROUP COACHING CALLS PER MONTH to answer your questions and support you with confidence and executive presence. Valued at $9400

LIVE SUPPORT BETWEEN GROUPS CALL VIA SLACK APP to provide you with daily support for those unexpected challenges that come up. Valued at $2400

FOUR 1:1 PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS to provide you with customized support outside of a group session. Valued at $5000

LIFETIME ACCESS TO VIDEO TRAININGS AND NEW CONTENT so you can review the content at your own pace. Valued at $4000

CUSTOMIZED CONFIDENCE PLAN to provide you with your own roadmap to confidence and executive presence. Valued at $500

Special program pricing is available!

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My experience with her was exceptional, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking personal or professional development.

From the first session, she demonstrated a deep understanding of my unique challenges and goals, and she helped me develop an actionable plan to achieve them. Her approach was professional yet compassionate, and she created a safe space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings. For example, she helped me self-discover my lost creativity that was preventing me from other areas of development.

Throughout our time together, I learned a great deal about myself and gained the confidence I needed to take the necessary steps toward achieving my goals. Her coaching style was empowering, and she helped me tap into my strengths and use them to overcome obstacles.

Overall, my experience with Jacinta was transformative, and I feel prepared to continue working on my personal and professional goals. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

-Jennifer S.




How much access will I have to Dr. Jacinta?

A lot! You will need a significant amount of support to make this huge transformation in your life! Dr. Jacinta will host the group calls, respond to messages via Slack App and provide next level support in your 1:1 private sessions!


How often will the group program run?


The group program will have an ongoing enrollment cycle that will depend on the number of students that are enrolled. You can sign up at anytime once your application has been approved and we have spoken with you.


I am not ready to start at the moment. Can I join the next group?


Yes! Once your application has been approved and we have had the opportunity to speak with each other, you can sign up at anytime. Because the program requires a high-level of support from your executive coach, we can only have a certain number of people enrolled at one time. If the program slots have been filled, you will be placed on a waitlist until a spot becomes available. Sign up for our email list at the bottom of this page to receive updates BEFORE our other audiences!



How can I get in contact with someone if I have questions?

Click on the "CONTACT US" button at the bottom of the page.


Can I add more private 1:1 coaching sessions?


Yes! There are options for you to purchase additional coaching sessions if you need them!



What is the investment for the program?

Investing in yourself can feel scary! If you are ready to uncover your hidden stumbling blocks to gain respect, confidence and speak with authority, you have selected the right program! We have payment options and special pricing!



How much time will I need to allocate for this program?

You can allocate as much or as little time as you would like to for the program. The clients that allocate 2 hours or more a week tend to have the best results within the 6 month program.



What if I am not able to attend the groups call times?

No problem! The group call times will alternate during the program.

The group calls will be recorded and you will have unlimited access to them. If you have a question or a scenario that you would like for me to answer on the group call, you will be able to post it in the Slack App or send me a voice message and I will answer it, and notate the time for you on the group call replay.

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Jacinta is a pleasure to work with. Her approach made it easy to integrate coaching into my lifestyle. She is flexible and provides multiple scheduling options.

I always walked away with practical and actionable steps that enabled me to reach my weekly goals. She is not only encouraging and kind but very organized. Jacinta keeps you on track!

-Tiffany G.


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