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Signature Coaching Program

The Confidence Game Plan

 for Professional Women

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Are you tired of being overlooked for promotions and new positions? 

How would your life change if you were more confident and had an executive presence?

If you are a professional woman who is in a career transition (e.g. promotion, new role or starting a business) our program will provide you with a solid foundation to help you communicate with confidence so that you do not miss out on any future opportunities!

The Confidence Game Plan Program Includes:

  • Custom  Assessment of Your Speaking Abilities 

  • Establishment of your executive presence

  • Speechwriting or Presentation Development  Guidance

  • Virtual One-on-One Custom Public Speaking Sessions with an experienced Public Speaker and Distinguished Toastmaster

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Lifetime access to course materials

  • Private One-on-One Coaching sessions to uncover your confidence obstacles and opportunities for success

  • Text  or Voice Support via Voxer

  • Post Speech or Presentation Analysis


At the end of the program, you will become more confident and develop your own executive presence.

You will finally be able to start overcoming the fears that you had about confidence and become empowered to speak with authority!


Click the link below to apply for the program!

Business  and Executive Coaching

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? Successfully managing a business can be difficult because there are so many moving parts in the big picture.


What can you expect from your program

You will develop a systematic approach to managing your business that will allow you to grow and expand.

You will learn how to focus your efforts to achieve more of your business goals.

Schedule a free 30-minute strategy session to learn how your business goals can be accomplished by coaching.


Additional Coaching Services


Life and Career Coaching


Deciding what direction you would like for your career and life to go towards can be challenging and stressful. Perhaps you are may be in a career field that is not what you expected it to be. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever they arise.

What can you expect from your program

You will have a clear direction of your next steps.

You will incorporate proven techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Schedule a free 30-minute strategy session to learn how your goals can be accomplished by life and career coaching.

Group Coaching

Working collectively with a group of like-minded individuals can generate new ideas, networking opportunities and ways to handle various situations. Group coaching is an excellent option for individuals or an organization to experience the benefits of coaching in a team environment.


What can you expect from your program

You will gain meaningful insights from other participants on how navigate through similar challenges.


You will develop superstars within your organization that can help expand your business.

Schedule a free 30-minute strategy session to learn how your organizational goals can be accomplished with group coaching.

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