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Updated: Mar 5

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than being a busy professional woman?

Do you have other skills that you would like to develop but you simply do not have enough time to get started?

Would you like to have more of a work-life balance?

My coaching clients (including myself) have thought about those same questions when it was time to make a change.

Several years ago, I found myself burnt out, frustrated with the direction that my life was going towards. My schedule consisted of spending (not enough) time with my amazing family, working, managing people and not having enough time for myself. I remember when I started my journey to be here with you today, I thought to myself

There has to be more to life than this schedule!

Woman with hands clasped resting on nose in front of a laptop

I decided to make a change like many of my successful clients. I wanted to develop my strengths and additional skillsets so I could reach my full potential and create my ideal schedule BUT

I didn't know where to start until I found executive coaching.

When I started working with a coach, I learned that mastering MY time was the only way for me to get started on my journey to living the life that I wanted. I found that once I created my ideal schedule, I was able to learn more and develop those skills that I had only dreamed about. I became a Certified Executive Coach and started helping other busy females create their ideal schedules so they can start living the life that they have always wanted.

If you are ready, I can help you create your ideal schedule.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and taking you to the next level in your life!

Dr. Jacinta Lamontagne

CEO and Founder of Excite Excellence, Inc.

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