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5 Tips For Women In Leadership To Master Confidence In Various Aspects Of Their Lives. confidence quotes for women

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Learn how to create a well-rounded sense of confidence and build up your self-esteem.

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Have you seen someone that appears to have everything together?

Do you wonder how they are ALWAYS able to appear confident?

If you are a woman who is an emerging leader, established executive or in a career transition, developing a well-rounded sense of confidence will create a strong foundation for you personally and professionally. Here are a few strategies that you can start implementing today that will allow you to display confidence at work, home or in other aspects of your life.

Tip #1 - Determine what aspects of your life are important for you to focus on.


Spend some quiet time with yourself to reflect on the many aspects of your life and take an honest assessment of how you feel in those areas and write it down. Try to put them into two categories:

  1. Internally (e.g. your mindset, limiting beliefs, how you mentally process challenges under stress, how you make decisions, your skillsets, knowledge base and etc.)

  2. Externally (e.g. what other people see or hear such as your appearance, how you speak. the clothes you wear, how you conduct yourself during peaceful and stressful times and etc.)

In an executive coaching session, I have found that writing down your thoughts not only commits them to memory, but it also creates an action plan for you.

Tip #2 - Create a confidence plan.

confidence quotes for women


Once you have written down the aspects of your life that are important to you, narrow down the list to which area is a top priority for you to focus on right now.

Use the strategy and examples below to create your confidence plan for each aspect of your life that you identified in Tip 1.

Example 1: If you do not feel confident with how you communicate with others, ask yourself this question: What would make me feel more confident with how I communicate? Perhaps you need to slow down when you speak, take public speaking classes, ask someone for help or etc.

Example 2: If you do not feel confident with how you make decisions, ask yourself: "What would make me feel more confident with how I make decisions?" There may be additional resources that you need such as trainings, courses, books or etc.

"What would make me feel more confident with how I communicate?" – Dr. Jacinta Lamontagne

Asking yourself this question will give you a roadmap on how you can become more confident in the various aspects of your life. Confidence quotes for women are helpful.

Tip #3 - Focus on one area at a time


Start with the most important area in your life that needs a confidence boost and make one action step today to build up your self-esteem in that area.

Tip #4 - Don't stop working on your confidence

You may encounter challenges, set backs or scenarios that do not work out the way that you would have like for them to. Keep moving! Growth comes from the lessons that we learn along the way.

Tip #5 - Get help


If you want customized support to bring the confidence in all areas of your life to the next level, schedule a call so we can discuss your specific goals, challenges and how to expedite your results.

Schedule a call HERE.

You can become more confident!

Confidence is a skill that can be learned and you can do it! Here is video tutorial series on How to Become More Confident.

Schedule a call with us to get customized help with your personal and professional development. Feel free to leave a comment below and share this article with another woman in leadership.

Dr. Jacinta Lamontagne is the Founder and CEO of Excite Excellence, Inc. that helps women who are emerging leaders, established executives or in a career transition prepare for future advancement, higher leadership positions and more income.


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