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Dental CE Courses

  • Excite Excellence is a nationally recognized continuing dental education provider with the Academy of General Dentistry PACE Program.


Course Title: 5 non-negotiable rules to   hire your next superstar employee!

2021 Course Date TBD

Have you struggled with hiring the right    employee for your dental practice?          Learning the 5 non-negotiable rules will allow you to hire a superstar!

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The Educational Objectives

Identify what a superstar employee looks like in a dental practice.

Discuss the challenges of hiring a superstar.

Dramatize an interview with and without the application of the 5 rules.

Analyze the interview scenarios to determine if the employee would be a superstar.

Prepare a plan for your office to include the 5 rules for your next interview.

Evaluate changes that you can make in your interview process.

This course will provide 1 Continuing Dental Education Credit upon completion of a course evaluation.

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